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paul-painting-beach-towelsFor more than thirty years Paul McCartney has been a committed painter, finding in his work on canvas both a respite from the world and another outlet for his drive to create. His paintings had been a very private endeavor until 1999 when he decided to share his artwork with a public exhibition and a book titled “Paul McCartney Paintings.”

Full of intense color, life and vibrancy, these paintings reveal McCartney’s tremendous positive spirit as well as a visual sophistication. He carves, scratches, and sculpts the paint, which helps him create complex and layered works. Often faces abound in his paintings and many have humor playing against a more somber imagery. His landscapes radiate a sense of place and in these works, McCartney’s own voice can definitely be heard.

mccartney-outside-artThis example of his oil and acrylic paintings, marks his first major exposure as an artist in the Abstract Expressionist tradition that he favors.

McCartney began drawing, sketching and occasionally painting as a schoolboy but didn’t start painting seriously until 1983 when he was 41. He said he opted to show some of his work because “I missed getting feedback on my art, and I wanted a little of that, not so much the exhibits, but the feedback.”

Paul also said he never wanted to be thought of as a “celebrity painter,” and so for many years he avoided the kind of exhibition you are seeing thru Celebrity Art and For all Beatle and McCartney fans, this is a special glimpse into Paul’s creative process never seen before, so enjoy!

“I am a huge fan of Sir Paul’s artwork and I personally have them hanging in my house. Among all the fine artwork I have collected through the years, Paul McCartney’s art elicits the most interest and enthusiasm from my guests. To me that speaks volumes about how gifted a painter Paul truly is.”
–Neal Glaser, Owner, Celebrity Art

With limited editions available, how special would it be to own a personally signed lithograph created by legend Paul McCartney? Each print is hand signed and numbered by Paul McCartney and limited to only between 100 and 200 impressions world wide.

These seven lithographs are offered for sale with the McCartney proceeds going to New York’s Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Britain’s Garland Appeal for breast cancer research. Mr. McCartney takes no monies from the sale of this or any of his artwork.

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